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From the craft room of AWOL

With nearly 25 years of experience AWOL makes some of the most amazing friendship bracelets on the planet. Self taught patterns came from after learning one knot and being awoken by an apifiny. If tied backward it would go the other direction! This eruka moment lead to a great number of designs before then next revelation came. There were two more knots to be learned and once mastered a incredible number of possibility's became available. With a strong need for symmetrical patterns, this work helped a guy with ADD and manic depression with it's meditative style of making. Many of these works take days if not weeks to create and are far from anything one might consider profitable. They are how ever a labor of love and a work of art that is worn day in and day out. Legend has it that a wish is granted once the bracelet finally falls off after it's years of being worn. This in my belief strengthens the idea of having lofty goals as if only one is granted, then better to have wished for bigger things. Regardless these works of art are beautiful and crafted with care.

Each one is an original and exclusive to Shop @!

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